Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kill A Pig- Donny Goines

Kill A Pig- Donny Goines

Words from the man himself:


I'll be honest, I don't know what I could do to help change things. Usually my mind is numb when it comes to matters like this because it's such a common occurrence in my neighborhood and I've seen it many times but this time it affected me. I guess when DJ Semtex asked me to speak on it, and then Wes over at SDSU (you'll see that interview soon) it just stirred something up inside of me. It made me feel angry, I felt a tightness in my chest thats hard to explain. I just had to release that energy because if I didn't it would have eaten at me.

I typically don't like to address situations like this on record because I feel my message can be misconstrued at times. Do I advocate violence? Honestly, I don't. When you listen to the majority of my music I actually try to convey peace and unity within my community. Not just where I live but musically aswell. My Pops (My mothers husband) is a Police Officer and he is a very honest and respectful man, on and off the job. Not everyone behind the shield abuses there power but some DO!!!! When I made this record "Kill A Pig" I wrote it speaking directly to those people. The ones who hurt others with no regard for human life nor the well being of there fellow man. All I did was reverse the actions and roles of those I am speaking of. Every line stems from something that they did and all I asked was "How would you feel it you were the victim?"

Being the kind of person, the kind of artist I am it is hard not to speak my mind. There are so many things I feel that are wrong with the world today and it really bothers me. I was brought up thinking that silence is the best way to get by but I don't want to just "get by". I don't want to raise children in a world where they have to be afraid and scared to walk out there door. I cant stand by idly and just watch any more because I feel as if I am part of the problem if I do that. I can't be afraid or quiet anymore. These are the reasons why I speak on the truth within my music. I can't remain silent anymore. I won't feel right about it and I couldn't look myself in the mirror as a man or as an artist.

-Donny Goines

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